Elsewhere: Heastie’s Angst, Spitzer’s Speech

Kirsten Gillibrand is a little loquacious, according to the Times.

And she pleases primary-threatener Carolyn McCarthy by becoming a gun-control advocate.

George Pataki closed his P.A.C.

Marty Markowitz has extensive recommendations for a developer's plan in DUMBO.

Carl Heastie isn't happy about the new city clerk; in the comments section, "Billy Michaels" offers a theory about why that might be.

The near future of Governors Island looks increasingly bleak.

Eliot Spitzer picked last night to make his first semi-public address.

Bob Gates lifted the ban on photographs of flag-covered coffins coming back from the war.

The Obama administration is prepared for us to take a $250 billion loss on the purchase of toxic bank assets.

Paul Krugman despairs that Obama is merely aiming to keep the banks "semi-alive."

The budget seems to include an endorsement of merit pay for doctors.
The administration finds itself trying to explain how the reduction of a tax deduction for charitable donations by wealthy Americans won't lead to a reduction in charitable donations by wealthy Americans.

Almost-Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg criticized the Obama budget outline for not doing enough about the deficit.

Bill Clinton is worried about what "blog sites" are doing to newspapers.
Paul Volcker is not pleased with the staffing arrangements at Treasury.

An anonymous commenter is relieved that the Bill Cunningham who's out of a job is not The New York Times photographer. (Relatedly, he's also not the Bill Cunningham who worked for Michael Bloomberg.)

Elsewhere: Heastie’s Angst, Spitzer’s Speech