Elsewhere: Paterson’s Bad Day

Bloomberg L.L.C. is cutting 100 jobs.

Robert Kennedy and Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa get nasty.

In the comments section, Frankie McBride is not impressed with some of Bloomberg’s Republican hires.

The Giulianis are unloading property.

Diane Savino channels Barack Obama and tells Republicans to relax–after she said she had “wretched” wine at a G.O.P. fund-raiser.

Here's audio from Rod Blagojevich's chat with Curtis Sliwa.

A sign for former senator Marty Connor at 250 Broadway.

On Staten Island, City Council candidate Debi Rose invokes Obama.

Crain’s doesn’t offer much ink to the protest that interrupted Bloomberg’s remarks yesterday.

Neal Boortz referred to the protesters as "moonbats."

Room 8 offers explanations for why Chuck the groundhog bit Bloomberg. (“Chuck thinks the Mayor should pick a party and stick with it already.”)

David Paterson’s pick to head the Parole Board is out, for personal reasons.

Wonkette picks up the Horowitz-Vielkind story about David Paterson’s trouble, and files it under "honeymoon’s over."

"Even the Smear Campaign Was Incompetent," says Gawker.

Betsy Gotbaum wants your feedback on plastic bags.

The newspaper industry takes on Super Bowl Sunday.

Author Nick Bloom says the New York City Housing Authority could ease their public relations problems by being more transparent.

Chris Cillizza explains the art of Twittering White House press conferences.

And here's video of Anthony Weiner at a panel discussion in Queens discussing school governance. Elsewhere: Paterson’s Bad Day