Elsewhere: Senate Stimulus, Reduced Security, Silver’s Budget ‘Menu’

The Senate approved its own stimulus bill.

ProPublica compares the House stimulus bill to the Senate one.

The stock market plunged.

Security around Ground Zero and Wall Street is being scaled back because of cuts to the NYPD budget.

NY1 is counting how many days it's been since they've seen Andrew Cuomo (upper right-hand corner of page).

Betsy Gotbaum says Mark Green's entrance into the race helps demonstrate how important the office of public advocate is.

On the budget, Sheldon Silver says David Paterson has offered "a menu of options."

Progress on Williamsburg's Domino Sugar factory development may be slowing to a crawl.

Wineries line up against Paterson.

The Seneca Nation met with the governor's administration about a giant casino in the Catskills.

Ollie Haydock considers how plummeting housing prices in the city is good for some people.

Fidel Castro waxes poetic about Rahm Emanuel. Elsewhere: Senate Stimulus, Reduced Security, Silver’s Budget ‘Menu’