Elsewhere: Tedisco’s Army, Not the End of the Spitzer Stuff

A Times Union editorial questions whether Jim Tedisco is "serious" after his five-minute answer to the question of how he would vote on the stimulus.

The G.O.P. is bringing out the stars for him.

Get ready for more details about Eliot Spitzer's transgressions, courtesy of The New York Times legal department.

Kirsten Gillibrand hired a "well-regarded" former Schumer operative for her evolving press shop.

A former Pataki aide floats his old boss as a Senate candidate.

The Economist is delighted that someone finally asked Michael Bloomberg about Hugo Chavez, and disagrees with the mayor's characterization of Chavez.

The Economist also explains why the incredibly popular Charlie Crist has "comically strong odds" of getting to the Senate

Get the "special referee" for John Tabacco.

Tomasky thinks it is more appropriate to mock the Post for the chimp cartoon than to be shocked and appalled by it.

An N.Y.U. graduate student advises the protesters who occupied the cafeteria: "You must be specific. Your demands are presently a convoluted web of controversial topics, tangling the Israel-Palestine conflict, human rights abuses at Coca-Cola, institutional transparency, and access to NYU resources."

David Paterson is ordering more prisoners released from prisons.


In case you missed it, here's Bloomberg on Conan last night.

Carolyn O'Hara, what have you done?

And, below, a couple of highly organized, extremely disgruntled Bloomberg critics with apparently ample free time to deliver a vivid (if questionably effective) message. Elsewhere: Tedisco’s Army, Not the End of the Spitzer Stuff