Elsewhere: Tedisco’s Staff, Gillibrand Takes Long Island

Scott Murphy and Jim Tedisco have agreed to be in the same place at the same time at least a few times before the election.

Tedisco has hired seven Assembly Minority staffers for his campaign.

On Long Island, Kirsten Gillibrand talked about high property taxes and was pretty well-received.

Christine Quinn and David Yassky make their case on the Huffington Post.

Jen Chung shows you what Bloomberg was talking about this morning.

Rumors are circulating that a Wal-Mart is coming to Union Square.

John Hall is telling constituents how to apply for money to weatherize their homes.

Clive Crook has some criticisms of Obama's housing plan, but does think it's "a big step forward."

Ray Nagin is calling Bobby Jindal's threat to not take federal stimulus money political posturing.

Arlen Specter was jeered at a press conference for voting in favor of the bailout.

Meanwhile, Marc Ambinder wonders what Ronald Reagan would think of the projected cost of the Reagan Centennial.

Elsewhere: Tedisco’s Staff, Gillibrand Takes Long Island