Ferreras Endorsed by Tenants; Tenants Attack Moya

City Council Julissa Ferreras got the endorsement of a tenants group, which is using the occasion to attack her opponent, Francisco Moya, over contributions he got from landlords they say are trying to weaken tenant protection laws.

The president of the Queens Vantage Tenants Council Teresa Perez said Ferreras will make sure “tenants and homeowners come before greedy landlords and that people across the city can get and keep affordable, secure, and sanitary homes.” The group is also organizing a protest tomorrow in Jackson Heights to demand Moya give back about $7,000 in donations he got from groups Perez says are anti-tenant.

Taking money “from the very people who have led the fight to raise rent on local tenants and pad their bottom lines by driving out working-class renters, Francisco Moya is telling families across Queens that he is not on their side,” said Perez in a public statement.

Perez’s group is made up of tenants who live in buildings owned by Vantage, a major real estate company. But Moya hasn’t taken money from Vantage. (Vantage has donated money to candidates like Fernando Ferrer, former mayor David Dinkins, former City Councilman Steve DiBrienza and Independence Party activist Jesse Fields.)

Among the donors to Moya the tenant group singled out was Leonard Litwin, who raised money for a PAC called Taxpayers for an Affordable New York.

Litwin also donated money to a few other City Council members, including Helen Sears, who represents the neighboring district, Tony Avella, also of Queens and Kendall Stewart, who is seeking re-election to his seat in Brooklyn.

Another Moya contributor group criticized is the Rent Stabilization Association, which has contributed money to City Councilman Tom White of Queens.

UPDATE: The contributors who angered Perez's group, the Neighborhood Preservation Group and the Rent Stabilization Association PACs, both gave money to Hiram Monserrate, who Ferreras used to work for until recently.

  Ferreras Endorsed by Tenants; Tenants Attack Moya