Flashy Giant Fur Hats Not Going Anywhere

With the warmer months nearly upon us, the oversize fur hats that have been perched on the well-groomed heads of celebrities, socialites and hip-hop moguls all winter will finally be put in storage. So let us now take a moment to remember the season of furry hats that was.

Often made of fox or rabbit fur, the style of the hat ranges from the classic Russian hat that covers the ears to the Siberian-style round hat that makes it look as if a small animal curled up right on top of your head. They began to show up over the past couple of winters and this year became a full-on trend at Sundance and Fashion Week, and on Madison Avenue.

Jay-Z wore one to the inauguration; for the past couple years, Andre Leon Talley has been blocking our view from the second (and sometime third or fourth) rows of Fashion Week with his selection of fur hats; and Tilda Swinton recently thought it was actually be a good idea to wear one on the red carpet—the place where showing her face under heat-inducing spotlights is sort of part of her job.

And just when we thought such fancy accessories might be on their way out, there they were on the fall 2009 runways being sent out by designers like Pamela Roland, Thakoon Panichgul, and Michael Kors, who showed them in neon orange, green and pink.

Click through the slideshow for the great fur-hat offenders of the winter.


  Flashy Giant Fur Hats Not Going Anywhere