Friday, February 13

Remember the days when no one had anything better to do than to piss away precious hours of well-compensated gainful employment clicking through online slideshows of vapid starlets like Leven Ramblin attending after-parties? Isn’t it great that we’re now devoting our time to good works and betterment of our fellow man? Moving right along! Today: the fashions of newly minted Michelle Obama clothier Jason Wu and those hot married Brits who design under the name Rag & Bone. (Why is it that so many of today’s fashion labels sound like indie rock bands?) And later, corporate stunts around the city remind us of the unfortunate imminence of Valentine’s Day, among them a re-creation by amateur actors at Grand Central Station of the most memorable kisses in cinematic history (a Netflix promotion, natch) and a 2-ton steel and acrylic “pulsing” sculpture being unveiled in Times Square. Who says all the sex has been sucked from this town?

[Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,; Famous Movie Kisses at Grand Central, Vanderbilt Hall, 11:30 a.m.; “Valentine to Times Square,” Broadway and 47th Street, unveiled at 11 a.m.] Friday, February 13