Gee Whiz! Pinch Jr. Gets Desk at City Room

Ms. Rowe explained that shortly before The Times gave the signal that it was time to come back home to New York, she was ready to give him a promotion to the statehouse.

It was apparently a tough decision for Little Arthur—the nickname he went by in Alex Jones and Susan Tifft’s biography of the Sulzberger-Ochs family, The Trust, even though The San Fransisco Chronicle reported in 2002 he’s actually taller than his dad now. (“Inch” Sulzberger, anyone?)

“He was ambivalent,” said a Times source. “He was trying to decide if he should make the move yet. He was weighing if he could benefit more here or a couple more years there.”

Arthur Gregg Sulzberger will, arguably, be the most closely scrutinized reporter in the paper’s history. Every byline, every word, every interview, every detail and every correction will be pored over by bloggers, Times readers and Times antagonists, and, no doubt, by his coworkers.

And unlike his father, Arthur G. comes not to a Times newsroom that is rooted deeply in its past or secure about its future.

In the third-floor newsroom, he’ll be sitting in the desk that once belonged to Jonathan Hicks, a veteran political reporter for the paper who left a month ago.

His new desk will be separated from most of the reporters on the paper: He’s sitting in the editor’s pool, which means he’s alongside assignment editors, the copy desk and design editors, leaving reporters free to moan about Pinch. The only reporter nearby is Jenny 8. Lee, who will be his future colleague for City Room.

From his perch, he’ll have a closer view of the atrium, which is considered a plus! But the desk is in a position where he’ll have a tad less space, and one less shelf than in the normal reporter’s workspace.

Perhaps the only mystery left is what he’ll call himself. The nameplate says Arthur G. Sulzberger. For The Oregonian, his print byline was Arthur Gregg Sulzberger. Of course, it didn’t matter for his dad, who is routinely called Pinch to distinguish him from his father, Punch. So what’s left for Arthur G.? Little Arthur. Inch. Patch (patchin’ things up!).

Speaking of which, on Tuesday, Feb. 17, the Times Company’s stock fell to $3.77, and hit a 52-week low earlier in the day, at $3.73. Its market capitalization fell to $542 million.

Welcome home, G-man!

Gee Whiz! Pinch Jr. Gets Desk at City Room