Ginnifer Goodwin: ‘I Humiliate Myself in Front of Men on a Daily Basis’

If there are two thing that the Daily Transom learned from attending the screening of He’s Just Not That Into

If there are two thing that the Daily Transom learned from attending the screening of He’s Just Not That Into You, hosted by the Cinema Society at Tribeca Grand Hotel last night, it’s that actress Ginnifer Gooodwin is "a girl’s girl" and that her character in the film, Gigi, is "resilient!"

Ms. Goodwin, dressed in a frilly purple dress, proceeded to repeat them to every reporter that approached her. But resilient is a more charming euphemism for "pathetic and a little nutty," both of which could also be used to describe her character, Gigi. And Ms. Goodwin, while discussing some of her character’s quirks, came off as quite the girl’s girl.

As guests like Amy Sacco, Olivia Palermo, and Lorenzo MartoneMarc Jacobs‘ boyfriend, who was wearing a T-shirt that read Do Me In the Park Marc–were filing into the screening, Ms. Goodwin was flashing her smile up and down the red carpet. She informed reporters that she had just gotten her hair cut to chin-length a few hours before the premiere, and that she thought wearing a midnight shade of purple was the right sort of thing to do at a New York premiere. (The actress had worn a pumpkin orange strapless dress to the L.A. premiere on Monday, Feb. 2.)

She giggled and replied to questions in a bubbly, excited tone of voice and even bit her lip while pondering tough questions like "What’s wrong with men?" and "Have you ever done anything stalker-ish?" And then, while maintaining her girly charm, she even lifted each of her feet off the ground, one at a time, and wiggled them around in place–all while saying brilliant things about men!–to provide some relief for her tired feet.

Did Ms. Goodwin find the phrase He’s Just Not That Into You a little harsh?

"Oh no! Let’s rip the Band-Aid off fast and prevent the pain later," she replied. "It’s always good, I think. Let’s be honest."

The Daily Transom wondered what were some of the worst break-up lines that Ms. Goodwin had gotten over the course of her dating life.

"How about, like, ‘I’m too busy.’ It’s doesn’t matter if you work 16 hours a day, there’s always room for phone calls and cuddling," she said. "We always have room for love!" (Uh, sure we do!) But then she delivered a dose of reality.

"The most popular one is of course the most simple, which is ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ But really, it is always you," she said. "If we all just embraced rejection a little more, we’d waste less time trying to make the wrong people fit."

And then we asked, point blank, how Ms. Goodwin thought her dating life compared to her kooky character’s.

"I humiliate myself in front of men on a daily basis and I do embrace rejection like Gigi. I just wish I was as open and resilient"–here she goes again–"as she is," said Ms. Goodwin.

She continued: "I’m not a chaser so much. I’ve certainly been known to send a couple of texts without reply because I’ve convinced myself that my phone was absolutely not working and making the choice to block the replies of certain fellows. But once I understand that someone is not into me, I really have no problem moving on."

The actress thought a moment about what she had just said. "And I have to say, what’s that Woody Allen quote–‘I wouldn’t ever want to belong to a club that would have me as a member.’ Well, I’m the opposite. If I’m not being met half way, if I’m not getting the same attention that I’m giving, then I’m basically not interested."

(It was actually Groucho Marx that said it first, but we get where you’re going with this, Ms. Goodwin.)

Ginnifer Goodwin: ‘I Humiliate Myself in Front of Men on a Daily Basis’