Golden: For Republicans, Backing Bloomberg Is a ‘No Brainer’

State Senator Marty Golden of Brooklyn said he thinks it’s a “no-brainer” that the Republican Party will ultimately allow Michael Bloomberg to run in the party's primary later this year.

“Michael Bloomberg has done good things for this city and at the end of the day the good leaders across the city of New York will see his contributions, look at what the competition is out there and, I believe, identify him as the best man to run on their line,” said Golden in a brief telephone interview.

“I think it’s a no-brainer and hopefully, as I speak to you, I’m right,” he said.

Bloomberg is scheduled to meet the city's five Republican county leaders on February 25 and seek permission to run in their primary.

Golden said John Catsimatidis, who has been positioning himself for the Republican nomination since well before the mayor altered term limits to run for reelection, is a “good man.”

But Golden said the “competition” he was referring to includes the field of Democratic candidates, and “not having a good candidate sets up the possibility for this [city] to go backwards, and we can’t afford to go backwards. We gained a lot under the Giuliani administration and the Bloomberg administration continued many of those policies.”

Golden also said the complaints about Bloomberg not delivering enough to the Republican Party are actually a function of the mayor simply having to make “tough decisions. The decisions he’s made have been tough on Democrats and Republicans.”

I asked Golden how much influence he and other elected Republicans have on the county leaders who, as the Republican leader in Queens reminded me, are the real decision makers on this issue.

“By no means are these guys going to be told what to do by any elected official,” he said. But, he added, the decision to allow Bloomberg to run in the Republican primary makes sense “when you look at the terrain out there and you look at what’s best not just for your party but you got to look at what’s best for the city.” Golden: For Republicans, Backing Bloomberg Is a ‘No Brainer’