House Passes Stimulus, Paterson and Atlantic Yards

The House passed the new stimulus bill, with no Republican support.

The Republican chairs aren't budging on Michael Bloomberg just yet.

Pedro Espada sent out fund-raising mail on official stationary–and gave himself an inflated title.

Eliot Brown writes that it's possible Atlantic Yards could qualify for stimulus funds, but David Paterson would walk into a "hornets nest" if he gave the project money.

The city's Campaign Finance Board added Bloomberg's name to the list of mayoral candidates.

John Riley is up in arms about Paterson's $20,000 hotel bill.

Several community groups around Chinatown have filed a suit to stop the planned rezoning of the Lower East Side.

Rafael Cestero may get stuck solving a problem he helped to create with the city's affordable housing plan.

Bill Thompson is going to Albany this weekend.

JPMorgan and Citigroup are putting  a moratorium on foreclosures until it become clear what Obama will do about it.

The Economist doesn't really get why Republicans are worked up over the census.

House Passes Stimulus, Paterson and Atlantic Yards