How Can Grand Concourse Become Grander?

The Bronx Museum and the Design Trust for Public Space last week launched a competition to chart a future for the Grand Concourse, the storied boulevard that runs through the Bronx.

Once filled with doorman apartment buildings with opulent lobbies, the strip lost quite a bit of its cache and luster in the urban exodus of the 1960s and 1970s, and the above video tracks the boulevard’s history quite well.

The competition, "Intersections: Grand Concourse Beyond 100," comes as the city has launched a rezoning of the area surrounding the southern portions of the boulevard: the Lower Concourse rezoning.

Per the competition’s Web site, the organizers are looking for:

[B]old visions from architects, planners, artists, designers, students, area residents, and others, that describe how the Bronx and the Grand Concourse can evolve in coming decades to cope with pressing needs for housing, green space, and transportation.

Submissions are due May 1. How Can Grand Concourse Become Grander?