In Gloucester County, potential GOP chairman candidate keeps his options open

In Gloucester County, Franklin Township Republican Municipal Chairman Bill Fey said that he does not condone the public sniping from disgruntled Republicans at Party Chairwoman Loran Oglesby.

But he understands it.

“I do not condone the way they’re doing this now and the way that some people are trying to push it,” said Fey in a phone interview today. “I understand the point they’re trying to make, but I think there’s a different way to approach it.”

The Gloucester County Republicans are in the midst of a public civil war that had been festering under the radar for months. It was only brought to the attention of the media at the beginning of this month, when former freeholder candidate Larry Wallace made critical comments about Oglesby to the Gloucester County Times, and his running mate, Phyllis Scapellato, started a Web site meant to help force Oglesby from her post.

Some Republicans mention Fey, an IT manager in Philadelphia, as the favorite to replace Oglesby if she resigns, or to challenge her in the party’s June internal elections if she does not. He presides over the party in one of the few Republican bastions left in Gloucester County, where under his leadership the control of the committee has shifted from 4-1 Democrat to 4-1 Republican.

Fey said that if the job opens up, he’ll consider it, and did not rule out challenging Oglesby in June if she stays.

“I think we did a good job down here. We had no help from the county at all, and I think what we were able to do was build and work as a team, and put different people in charge. It’s not the Bill Fey show – it’s a group of people, and I think that’s the way that the county needs to be approached,” he said. “Up until now I think Loran has been trying to do it by herself. She really works hard — extremely hard. But I think the party has gone with Loran as far as she can take it at this point, and if someone else steps up we’ll see what they have to offer.” In Gloucester County, potential GOP chairman candidate keeps his options open