In wake of Obama email apology, Bencivengo won’t move to oust Lacy

HAMILTON – Mayor John Bencivengo said he does not have the ability to rescind the appointment of Jack Lacy to the Township Library Board of Trustees and the Redevelopment Agency.

In any case, the mayor said he is satisfied by Lacy’s apology for broadcasting an e-mail comparing the inauguration of President Barack Obama to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which local Democrats have denounced as racist.

After reading Lacy’s Jan. 30th email, Hamilton Township Democratic Chair John F. Kroschwitz called on Bencivengo and the Town Council to ditch Lacy, a former Republican councilman.

Lacy’s email reads: “I’m confused. How can two million blacks get into Washington, D.C., in sub zero (temperatures) in one day when 200,000 couldn’t get out of New Orleans at 85 degrees with four days notice?”

“He has apologized,” Bencivengo told this afternoon at the Golden Dawn Diner. Moreover, “he was not using his township email address when he sent the message,” the mayor added.

But Kroschwitz wants Lacy gone.

He “has brought shame onto Hamilton Township with his racist ‘humor,’” said the Democratic Party chairman. “For the Republicans to keep him as part of their administration would be an even greater slap to the face of all Hamiltonians. It would be shocking that a man with such poor judgment and publically racist views would be allowed to remain a part of Township Government.”

In wake of Obama email apology, Bencivengo won’t move to oust Lacy