Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt Do Battle on Thursday Night

We don’t usually get all wrapped up in the comings and goings of celebrity couples, but when it comes to Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt we make an exception. With apologies to Brangelina, could there be a better-looking match? We all know Mr. Hamm as the smooth-as-silk Don Draper, but for those of you who aren’t cyberstalkers like us, his longtime girlfriend is nothing to sneeze at. You might remember Ms. Westfeldt as the charmingly neurotic titular hero from Kissing Jessica Stein; or the charmingly neurotic titular hero from Ira & Abby (she was Abby); or, as the charmingly neurotic new mother on the now defunct ABC comedy Notes from Underbelly. Now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, consider our shock last night when after watching Mr. Hamm on 30 Rock, we saw Ms. Westfeldt pop up on Grey’s Anatomy. Thursday must’ve been a busy DVR night in their household! So which member of the relationship can lay claim to having the best guest star appearance? Let’s go to the tape!


We’re so used to seeing Mr. Hamm impeccably coiffed and dressed as Don Draper that whenever he’s in street clothes he looks like a dog walking on its hind legs. So his floppy hair and L.L. Bean-ready attire as Dr. Drew Baird didn’t really do much for the whole Jon Hamm mystique. Fortunately for him though, Ms. Westfeldt’s character spent her entire episode in a hospital gown.


Medical Breakdown

Being a patient on Grey’s Anatomy usually entails some horrible medical condition, so we weren’t surprised to learn that Ms. Westfeldt’s character was suffering from a brain aneurysm. However we were pretty disappointed with her seizure, which basically consisted of flopping around on a bed while wiggling her arms. Poor form! Mr. Hamm’s Dr. Baird, on the other hand, accidentally took some Rohypnol (y’know, roofies) and hilariously passed out. Apparently no one fake faints like Mr. Hamm. In an upset…


Best Line

When told not to panic by her doctors because of the brain aneurysm, Ms. Westfeldt responded by saying: "You just told me I have a time bomb in my brain, you better believe I’m going to panic." Not bad. Mr. Hamm mostly acted as Tina Fey’s straight man, but, he did have one great reaction to her, when she called herself the "generalissimo": "I don’t even know what that means!"


Best Line About Them Said By Another Person

Sandra Oh to Ms. Westfeldt: "Who are you?"

Tina Fey to guest star Salma Hayek: "You haven’t seen Dr. Baird! He looks like a cartoon pilot."


In a blowout, Mr. Hamm is our winner! But not to worry Ms. Westfeldt, your consolation prize is getting to date him. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt Do Battle on Thursday Night