Lawmakers on the Cuomo-Paterson 2010 Storyline: ‘Bread and Circuses,’ ‘Shit’

Some Democratic lawmakers I spoke with yesterday collectively shrugged their shoulders at the coverage of Andrew Cuomo’s plans for 2010.

In response to (incontrovertibly plausible) assertions that the attorney general is "eyeing a race for governor," Democratic State Senator Jose Serrano of the Bronx said, "I want us to all get along."

He claimed he hadn't heard anyone discussing the possibility and said that he was concentrating on his job as chairman of the cultural affairs committee.

Democratic State Senator Diane Savino said, "I haven’t heard Andrew say anything anywhere that he’s not ruling out running for governor."

She also said, “In some respects, a lot of the political reporters I’m starting to think belong on Page Six, because it’s all like gossip. What do they want Andrew Cuomo to do? Put out a press release tomorrow saying, ‘I absolutely will never run for governor’? Nobody’s going to do that. And to expect him to say something like that is also silly.”

Before getting off the phone, Savino added, “I said it a long time ago: People have nothing better to do up here than talk shit all day.”

Democratic Assemblyman Michael Benjamin of the Bronx, blamed the media for the fixation on the story.

“Bread and circuses distract the masses,” he said in an email. And the “rumor-mongerer,” whomever it is, “will use the outcome of the budget negotiations against Paterson.”

Benjamin said the election is a long way off.

“A year from now, who knows, Gov Paterson might be riding a wave of success,” he said. Lawmakers on the Cuomo-Paterson 2010 Storyline: ‘Bread and Circuses,’ ‘Shit’