Lonegan campaign slams Harkness

In response to an Inside Edge report of an e-mail sent by Senate Republican Executive Director James Harkness suggesting that gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan will lose his public financing because he did not disclose his affiliation with Americans for Prosperity, the Lonegan campaign issued a statement today alleging that Harkness' e-mail was sent to Christopher Christie's campaign.

The campaign wants to know if "Harkness use taxpayers' facilities, taxpayers' equipment, and taxpayers' time to prepare and send a political memo to the Christie for Governor campaign."

The Lonegan campaign also launched an attack on Harkness, calling him a liberal insider who stifled numerous conservative legislative initiatives during his lengthy tenure working with State Senate Republicans."

"Before Senator (Thomas) Kean Jr. appointed Harkness to run the Senate's Republican Caucus, Harkness was the lobbyist who worked to end the death penalty in New Jersey. He even was applauded for his efforts on a website devoted to convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu -Jamal," the Lonegan campaign said, calling Harkness a "poster boy for the revolving door of the Trenton grease machine — an employee of the legislature, then a lobbyist pushing special interests to the legislature, then an employee again."

Editor's Note: The Inside Edge identified the recipient of Harkness' e-mail as an official of one of Lonegan's rivals.

Lonegan campaign slams Harkness