Mid-Morning Read: A Kinder Cuomo, A Gillibrand Friend, A Smith Speech

Kirsten Gillibrand tells Times editors that Al D’Amato is “not a personal friend of mine; he’s a personal friend of my dad’s.”

She promised to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

Mark Green says he's running for public advocate.

A "millionaire’s tax" bill will be introduced in the State Senate.

Fred Siegel said New York’s tax structure is “dysfunctional," and that it's driving out the middle class.

Larry Littlefield shows that for the purposes of taxes, it’s better to be old than young.

Andrew Cuomo brings talked about government restructuring to conservatives and county leaders.

One of the Conservative Party members said Andrew is “a kinder, gentler Cuomo” than his father Mario.

One writer describes this event as “political rubbing-your-eyes stuff.”

One of the biggest stories of the year is whether David Paterson can “get his head out of his butt,” Liz Benjamin told CUNY students at a panel discussion last night.

Michael Bloomberg snowboards, according to a CUNY student who heard it from a friend who works for the mayor.

The president of the New York City Young Republicans is not supporting Bloomberg for re-election, and says he’d even vote for a Democrat “just to get him out of office.”

At a recent fund-raiser in Queens, Jim Tedisco “appeared to enjoy several glasses of beer, while evading questions from this reporter,” writes Michael Harris.

Nancy Zimpher, president of the University of Cincinnati, is expected to be named chancellor of the SUNY system.

The New York Post editorial board says Gillibrand is flip-flopping.

Scott Murphy picks John Franck as his campaign treasurer.

The pros and cons of selling wine in grocery stores are being debated in Albany.

The court battle continues between counties and tribes over seized cigarettes.

The former state senator Jim Wright may be interested in an economic development post.

Three upstate Congress members argue for freezing their own pay.

A look at some of the $11.7 billion worth of projects Paterson says are “shovel-ready.”

Gary Ackerman wants to use pension funds to secure banks.

Bloomberg should lay off 14,000 people “no matter what,” says Ryan Sager.

City Council candidate Ken Mitchell gets two union endorsements and says he’d fight any teacher layoffs.

And here's the actual speech Malcolm Smith gave this weekend mentioning same-sex marriage. Mid-Morning Read: A Kinder Cuomo, A Gillibrand Friend, A Smith Speech