Mid-Morning Read: A Leak in Albany, a Shoe in Ithaca

"Don’t Pull a Bloomberg," The Journal News editorial board tells the City Council up there.

Al D’Amato, a friend of Democrats.

David Paterson attends the signing of the SCHIP expansion, skipping a trip to Binghamton.

There are calls now for an investigation into the Kennedy smear leak.

Cuomo doesn’t rule out anything for 2010.

Cuomo announced a settlement with an upstate health insurer, and is going after another.

Most of the layoffs at Bloomberg L.P. are happening in New York City.

The Daily News takes photos of Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner to the street, and finds little recognition.

Although he is not an eloquent speaker, I was impressed by his complete sincerity," says a Bay Ridge blogger after hearing Bill Thompson speak there.

Al Sharpton said on NY1 last night that “if” Thompson runs, he’ll support him.

Errol Louis wonders if Tuesday’s protesters of Bloomberg are the only real check on his power.

It’s "a death lead by the Kevorkian of mayors," says Richard Lipsky.

Charles Rangel failed to account for more than $239,000 in assets, the Times writes, based on a Sunlight Foundation report.

A protester threw his shoes at the mayor of Ithaca last night.

A DWI charge was dropped against Mayor William Maley of Hudson.

A Highway Superintendent says one woman is submiting too many FOIL requests.

A state worker is paid $93,000 to do nothing, and claims his light workload is discrimination.

Northern New York was hit particularly hard in plan adopted Tuesday to bridge the current budget deficit.

Jessica Lappin responds to a story about faulty training for construction safety workers.

The front-runner in the City Council race on Staten Island got more matching funds from the CFB than any his opponents.

Here’s a list of Bernie Madoff victims.

Here's Dean Skelos, on the state budget. Mid-Morning Read: A Leak in Albany, a Shoe in Ithaca