Mid-Morning Read: Paterson Chaos, Conservative Party Party, Bloomberg and Republicans

Michael Bloomberg has an op-ed explaining his budget.

Republicans in Queens grumbled at the mayor’s presence at their club last night.

“He didn’t come over and say hello to me,” said Queens Republican County Leader Phil Ragusa after Bloomberg’s visit.

Vinny Ignizio of Staten Island said Republicans want more jobs from Bloomberg.

At the Conservative Party conference, there were mutterings about the Working Families Party.

Rick Lazio told attendees he sees a silver lining in Republican losses.

On tap at the gathering today is Andrew Cuomo, major Democrat.

Of Malcolm Smith saying he can’t pass same-sex marriage this year, Alan Van Capelle writes: “it’s not the majority leader’s job to get the votes. It’s our job.”

Democrats in the State Senate are not having an easy time bringing more talented Republican staffers into the fold.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s “evolution” on gun control and immigration issues is not going over well in her old Congressional district.

She’s now voting as a “Democratic team player.”

Fred Dicker handicaps the governor’s staff.

Liz reports that top aides to Paterson are engaged in a “cold war,” while the governor“refuses to lead.”

An upstate assemblyman wants to look, again, at splitting New York in two.

Public advocate candidates Eric Gioia and Norman Siegel joined others to warn about the toxins in synthetic sports fields.

Dan Garodnick wants to replace horse-drawn carriages with Model T cars.

Eric Massa seems to be everywhere.

Bob Conner gets push-polled in the 20th Congressional District race.

The Daily News editorial board doesn’t like Diane Savino’s stance on pension reform.

Unions testify today about Tom Suozzi’s plan to either reduce pay or cut jobs in Nassau.

Fox 5 anchor Dick Brennan has a new column in the Queens Courier.

Not many job openings at the local district attorneys offices.

Rochester’s City Council president is not seeking re-election.

Paul Krugman doesn’t like the smaller, cheaper stimulus bill.

Will Farrell mimics George W. Bush’s disdain for The New York Times.

And below, video of first lady Michelle Paige Paterson making the case for the state’s anti-obesity efforts:

Mid-Morning Read: Paterson Chaos, Conservative Party Party, Bloomberg and Republicans