Mid-Morning Read: Paterson’s Trouble, Gillibrand’s Guns, and ‘Whatever Chuck Wants’

Kirsten Gillibrand’s rifles are not actually under the bed anymore.

New York got so much stimulus money because “whatever Chuck wants, Chuck gets.”

Dan Janison walks through Paterson’s self-inflicted setbacks (and sees one similarity with something Michael Bloomberg went through).

The fallout from David Paterson's staff raises is wide.

He now says it was a result of fewer staffers doing more work.

The New York Post editorial board wants Paterson to rescind those raises.

Paterson says he’s undeterred by continued lobbying related to the budget.

The Democrat & Chronicle stands with him in insisting on cuts.

The Albany DA found evidence that the Public Integrity Commission leaked info to Eliot Spitzer.

Darryl Towns carries the WFP’s tax plan.

Hillary Clinton breaks protocol and includes the leader of the opposition party in her meeting in Tokyo.

Bob Kappstatter predicts Adolfo Carrion gets his job in Washington this week.

People in the North Country have saved $14.5 million using generic prescriptions in 2008.

Louise Slaughter wishes money were being diverted from the Renaissance Square project in Rochester.

Maury Thompson at The Post Star takes a closer look at Jim Tedisco’s votes to increase taxes.

Merging Westchester, Rockland and Putnam county governments could help lower taxes, says one group.

The New York Times editorial board wants Andrew Cuomo to investigate how Republican Senators spent their money when they were in the majority.

A science teacher wants to testify about the “wetlands controversy” in Rye.

No new sheriff in Nassau, for now.

An independent runs against two Republicans for a seat on the Village Board of Trustees in Buchanan.

Mayor Steve Gold of Beacon will get roasted by Democrats on March 8.

Reuters looks at “senior outrage.”

Christine Quinn’s S.O.C. speech offering different policies than Bloomberg's was “quite out of character,” says Courtney Gross.

Bill Knapp said his client, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, would work well with Barack Obama, another Knapp client.

Some in New York feel the very real threat of the Taliban.

A different problem, for political theater: “Can you point out that the emperor has no clothes when you like the emperor—and his clothes?”

Charles Bagli has the update on Coney Island development drama.

Here are the Polk Awards! And here's more video of a City Council candidate debate last week in which Geraldine Chappey is asked—but doesn't entirely answer—a question about who she employs. Mid-Morning Read: Paterson’s Trouble, Gillibrand’s Guns, and ‘Whatever Chuck Wants’