Monday, February 23

‘I think of it as a new hall, though technically speaking, it is a renovation of Alice Tully Hall, which as you know was quite beloved by New York as well,” said Jane Moss, VP of programming at Lincoln Center, who was on the phone to discuss the new edifice rising after an 18-month face-lift. “Before, it felt slightly bunkerlike, and now it is a very visible, dynamic presence on 65th Street and Broadway and is holding its own and pulling equal weight to Avery Fisher Hall. The lobby areas and the glass frontage facing Broadway and 65th Street are truly dazzling.” Also dazzling is tonight’s opening night gala, the so-called “Leading Ladies of New York Celebrate Alice Tully,” chaired by bigwig philanthropists Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch and honoring a whole pack of Tisches, among them Jonathan’s sister Laurie, not to mention Katherine Farley, better half and business associate of real estate titan Jerry Speyer. … After cocktails and a musical performance, guests will retire to the Tent at Damrosch Park. Which sounds oddly familiar … because it’s the new home of Fashion Week! “Between landing Fashion Week and Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center is a really happening place,” declared Ms. Moss. “It’s a wonderful statement about faith and hope and the power of art. … One of the interesting aspects of dark times is how people tend to turn to art, and all sorts of other kinds of meaningful activities … and they begin to turn to each other. …” (Taco Chulo works, too!) But speaking of fashion editors … the unfaltering vessel that is Cindi Leive’s and Bill Wackerman’s Glamour celebrates its 70 years of face-cream-fueled existence at a cocktail party–slash–art exhibit in Chelsea. … Ms. Leive detailed via email a few proud accomplishments at the magazine: “Um, getting photographed by the Dos and Don’ts photographer before I worked here? Not a proud moment, even though he claimed I was a Do…. Giving the world ‘Engagement Chicken’—this weirdly magical recipe that somehow prompts men to propose. It’s worked for dozens of readers so far.” Maybe it’s the part of the recipe that reads: “With oven at 350 degrees, bake chicken uncovered for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, turn chicken breast side up, return it to oven for 35 minutes. During this time give your boyfriend a 34-minute blow job. Then feed the lucky bastard.” Ms. Leive said her magazine has come a long way: “Back in the ’40s, there were an awful lot of black-coffee diets. You get hungry just reading them. … Our first issue’s Dos and Don’ts page contained the sentence ‘DO bag a snood for your down-hair comb.’ Honestly, I still have no idea what that means!” Maybe something to do with the blow job?

[Leading Ladies of New York Celebrate Alice Tully, Alice Tully Hall, Broadway at 65th Street, 6 p.m.; the Glamour Project, Lehmann Maupin Gallery, 540 West 26th Street, 6 p.m., 212-286-7825, invite only] Monday, February 23