Monmouth GOP Chairman gives organization line to Christie

Monmouth County GOP Chairman Joseph Oxley has awarded the organization line to former U.S Attorney Christopher Christie in Republican primary for gubernatorial primary, and says he will take the advice of party leaders and elected officials, rather than hold a convention.

Christie had overwhelming support from the Monmouth GOP steering committee, which is made up of elected officials and municipal chairs, according to a source. Earlier this month, the Christie campaign released a list of 58 Monmouth endorsements.

"Support for Chris Christie in Monmouth County is broad, strong and enthusiastic," said Oxley. "The excitement this morning clearly indicated that Chris Christie's hard work in building grassroots support throughout the county has cemented his status as the Standard-bearer for the Monmouth County GOP in both June and November."

Oxley said in a statement that all past and present state, county and elected Republican Party officials and incumbent Municipal Chairs were invited to hear presentations from the gubernatorial candidates.

"The last three county conventions did not even have a quorum and resulted in our loss of control of our county government," said Oxley, according to MoreMonmouthMusings, a site that covers Monmouth County politics.

Monmouth GOP Chairman gives organization line to Christie