Morning Read: Bloomberg’s House, Bloomberg’s Food Stamps, Bloomberg’s Blitz

Today, an Assembly committee votes on a bill to block Michael Bloomberg’s term limits law. A committee in the State Senate votes on March 10.

Bloomberg meets the Republican county chairmen on 83rd street today.

Bloomberg will launch television ads before May, and could open campaign offices by April.

The New York Times editorial board said Bloomberg’s food stamp policy “makes little sense.”

One critical web site thinks Bloomberg is trying to suppress statistics.

Juan Gonzalez says Bloomberg and Joel Klein run a “dictatorship” in the public schools.

After buying out his neighbors, Bloomberg’s house is 12,500 square feet.

The winners in last night’s election were Ken Mitchell, Eric Ulrich and Julissa Ferreras.

Mitchell had a 241-vote lead over Debi Rose in the City Council race on Staten Island.

Remember, it was all done by paper.

Republicans are proud of Ulrich.

Al Sharpton is not happy with Rupert Murdoch’s apology.

Larry Seabrook for Bronx Borough President?

Tom Suozzi will announce cost-saving measures with labor unions later this week.

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"Mark Lesko had a slight problem with his mailers.

Nita Lowey has a fund-raiser in Washington.

A former Mt. Vernon school official gets up to seven years in jail for bribery.

More than 1,600 state employees are doubling-dipping into their pensions, says the Journal News.

There’s plenty of financial trouble for the supervisor of North Salem.

Voters think it was self-defense that caused the Staten Island groundhog to bite Bloomberg.

And here’s a clip of Eric Ulrich that may help explain how the 24-year-old won his race for City Council. Morning Read: Bloomberg’s House, Bloomberg’s Food Stamps, Bloomberg’s Blitz