Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Remarks, Nassau’s Footprint

Michael Bloomberg suggested to Republicans that Rudy Giuliani would be a better governor than David Paterson.

Bloomberg reportedly said Giuliani would “have to run” if Paterson is the nominee.

G.O.P. chairmen deny Bloomberg's claim that they discussed Barack Obama in a meeting yesterday. The chairmen said the mayor highlighted his support for John McCain.

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg is continuing to make a mockery of America's absurd two-party system,” writes Scott Ross of MSNBC.

Bloomberg’s house, so much nicer than Rupert Murdoch’s.

A front-page story in El Diario notes Bloomberg spoke Spanish at a press conference yesterday.

“There is nothing fair about drawing comparisons between Michael Bloomberg and Hugo Chavez,” writes City Hall News in an editorial.

“Maybe, I’ll be the first mayor to give up power,” said long-shot mayoral candidate Tony Avella.

The 24-year-old newly elected councilman from Queens “had prepared and primed himself for this campaign since high school.”

Micah Lasher said his boss Joel Klein is busy, but always eager to hear from lawmakers.

Christine Quinn speaks to El Diario about the city’s need for federal stimulus funding.

Pete King writes in defense of Guantanamo.

Rory Lancman doesn’t like the idea of tolling the East River bridges.

More streets, less cars.

Nassau County tries reducing its carbon foot print.

Green News from the Times.

“New York’s Hudson Valley is edging perilously close to a news blackout,” says this blog.

It’s not clear who has won the City Council race on Staten Island.

The F.B.I. arrested the North Salem supervisor for misusing $533 million of his client’s money.

Among the things a detective in Westchester wrote on his Facebook page about Obama is that "the rose garden will be turned into the watermelon garden."

An important vacancy is filled in Westchester.

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Remarks, Nassau’s Footprint