Morning Read: Murdoch’s Apology, Young’s Silence

Rupert Mudoch writes an apology about the cartoon, and says “we will seek to be more attuned to the sensitivities of our community.”

Clyde Haberman defends the Post and calls Sharpton’s attack a “slippery slope.”

Obama picked Washington governor Gary Locke to be his Commerce Secretary.

The campaign manager for Bronx Borough President candidate Joel River is Mike Nieves.

Carrion said he’d look into the “firing” of four community board members who voted against the Yankee stadium deal.

Mayor Clinton Young of Mt. Vernon is silent on the lawsuit against his aide.

Young won’t give a new car to an aide who crashed his previous one.

Representative Peter King thinks Guantanamo Bay is like Club Med.

Marty Markowitz wants federal bailout money for Coney Island’s boardwalk.

The MTA’s deficit could hit $2 billion this year.

Even with a bailout, they may cut service.

Andrew Cuomo gets to ask more question about Merrill Lynch’s bonuses.

Two judges may be removed from the bench for not disclosing $250,000 in debt they owe a former campaign worker.

Bronx DA Robert Johnson is not pushing for a new trial of a man whose murder conviction was overturned after he spent more than 10 years in jail.

Hey Skurnik: The New York Times gives some ink to the special elections today.

Nick Hirshon notes an awkward moment during a City Council candidate’s debate in Jackson Heights earlier where one candidate said, “I have nothing against African-Americans.”

The mayor of Huntington Bay says to expect major cuts.

Briarcliff has a new village manager.

And here’s footage from that awkward moment Nick Hirshon was referring to. Morning Read: Murdoch’s Apology, Young’s Silence