Morning Read: Ognibene’s Threat, Bloomberg’s Coherence, Miringoff’s Numbers

Citigroup considers a government takeover.

Hillary Clinton’s office said she didn’t play a role in getting $1 million from the Serbian government for a New York family.

The fight over budget deficits and how to respond to the economic stimulus package is defining the Republican Party.

John Heilemann questions whether Bobby Jindal and Michael Steele bring anything new to the Republican Party.

Bloomberg is “losing political coherence,” writes Jacob Gershman.

Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki are trying to get Bloomberg on the Republican line – and Tom Ognibene offers himself as an alternative.

A Canadian columnist has doubts about Bloomberg’s plan to create 12,000 jobs over five years.

Gershman thinks Joel Klein will be gone soon.

Josh Isay’s firm expands its operations in Washington.

Rupert Mudoch’s fondness for newspapers is costing him a lot of money.

One blogger vents, “I'm watching NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg answer questions from the 'press' and I find myself yelling at the 'reporters' – asshat, douchebag, and – shut the fuck up.”

To help fix the economy, Jeff Klein wants to give state-issued debit cards.

Headline: “Scarsdale to continue tradition of uncontested elections.”

Here’s a look back at Gary Ackerman’s career of being quotable.

 Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler want the 9/11 health czar reappointed.

Christine Quinn helps cut the red tape.

Jay DeDapper ponders the millionaire’s tax.

Layoffs will be considered by Nassau county legislators at their meeting today.

Nassau Republicans aim for winning county legislative seats, because Tom Suozzi and the Nassau D.A. are tough to beat.

Republicans in Beacon seek candidates.

Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano got a lot of campaign money from corporations and PACs.

New York City re-imagines the role of Wall Street.

New York’s new archbishop is from Milwaukee.

Did Google Earth find the lost city of Atlantis?

And here's Marist pollster Lee Miringoff discussing poll numbers in the public advocate's race. Morning Read: Ognibene’s Threat, Bloomberg’s Coherence, Miringoff’s Numbers