Morning Read: Paterson’s Budget, Yonker’s Term Limits, Murphy’s Defense

Fred Dicker reports that Andrew Cuomo will speak to the Conservative Party, and has hired Pataki fund-raiser Cathy Blaney.

The Yonkers City Council considers extending term limits.

A deal is enacted to close a $1.6 billion budget deficit. Only $13 billion to go.

To close the budget gap, the new plans is “the government equivalent of piggy-bank raids,” says Nick Confessore.

The plan “nibbles modest trims off of dozens of line-item expenditures.”

The deficit reduction plan would reduce property tax payments in Adirondack towns.

The Democrat & Chronicle says lawmakers are “still unwilling to buck the big-money special interests.”

The Times says Judith Smith orchestrated the leaks about Caroline Kennedy, and that it’s similar to events that came to pass during the Eliot Spitzer era.

David Paterson is skipping Binghamton to go to Washington today.

New York could get 228,000 jobs from the stimulus package.

The New York Post finds the blind guy in the 1199 ad that attacks Paterson.

Feministe has a lengthy write-up about the protest that disrupted Michael Bloomberg’s speech yesterday.

There’s displeasure on the left about Andrea Batista Schlesinger working for Bloomberg.

Richard Lipsky notes Schlesinger has been supportive of Bloomberg for some time.

The Albany Project tells the finally victorious Frank Padavan: “see you next year.”

Tom Golisano says New York has lost 40 Fortune 500 companies in the last 40 years because of over-government.

Candidate Scott Murphy fired back at Republican attacks on his outstanding tax liens.

“I’m a big boy when it comes to politics,” said Nick Spano.

ESPN High School, in New York City?

More cries to tighten ethics regulations in New York.

More from Andy Humm about porn shop arrests.

There’s a plan in Washington to curb executive pay for companies that get federal money.

Federal prosecutors said bus companies paid bribes to city education inspectors.

Carolyn Maloney defends the Second Avenue subway.

Eric Gioia wants Exxon to spend more money to clean up Newtown Creek.

A slight problem with the city’s new meals-on-wheels program.

The Times editorial board hopes states don’t cut contribution to education funding while replacing it with federal money.

Paterson’s selection process is cited by the Times editorial board as a reason that whole things needs reform.

How about “Taxpayer Stadium,” instead of Citi Field, proposes the Times editorial board.

Time Warner says it lost $16 billion.

And here’s video of Bloomberg yesterday saying it’s not such a bad thing for Citi to go forward with acquiring the naming rights to Shea Stadium.

Morning Read: Paterson’s Budget, Yonker’s Term Limits, Murphy’s Defense