Morning Read: Praise for Bloomberg, Memories of Tatum

Barack Obama wants to end the conflict in Iraq in 2010.

The government increases its stake in Citigroup.

Wilbert Tatum, a “voice of Harlem,” is dead.

More on Tatum here [subscription].

Newsday may charge people to visit its web site.

Andrew Cuomo is probing the political ties of people who do work with the state pension fund.

The federal stimulus bill is like “Christmas” for New York.

“The Mayor’s the mystery man who rides a black horse into town and cleans it up,” writes Susan Braudy on Huffington Post.

“Michael Bloomberg has a rare trait for a politician. He is both rational and smart,” says blogger Ethan Schreiber.

“It’s the craziest place in the world. Why change it,” asked one woman in response to Bloomberg’s plan to block vehicular traffic along Broadway.

Michael McMahon will be talking to Brooklyn Papers a lot.

City Council members think Christine Quinn gives too many patronage jobs to Queens.

“Largely absent from the short two-month campaign, Monserrate took center stage at the victory celebration.”

More on Eric Ulrich.

Mt. Vernon mayor Clinton Young isn’t discussing accusations that his aide threatened a local Democratic operative.

The Rye Town Supervisor didn’t know he owed thousands of dollars in back taxes.

Ross Levi says same-sex marriage advocates are making progress.

Bill Clinton wants Prop 8 in California repealed.

Richard Allman is the new president of Stonewall Democrats.

“Being a woman helped me an awful lot,” said City Council Debi Rose.

Any Republicans running county-wide in Nassau?

Brownstown Brooklyn likes Sheldon Silver’s plan to toll the bridges.

Readers debate the city clerk politics.

And here’s Bronx Borough President candidate Ruben Diaz getting an endorsement. Morning Read: Praise for Bloomberg, Memories of Tatum