Morning Read, Upstate: Budget Battling, The Merits of Consolidation

David Paterson remains adrift.

The Times Union knocks the proposal, which didn't come to fruition, that Paterson bring back his former top adviser Charles O'Byrne.

The Times Union also thinks that Paterson's idea to charge people for filing taxes on paper "adds insult to injury."

Three North Country fair directors say proposed reimbursement cuts could sink their summertime events.

Ski resort owners are mad about plans to tax lift tickets.

But the Buffalo News is standing with Paterson.

Paterson's inauguration trip – which cost $23,000 – prompted an austerity memo from the State Comptroller's office.

The governor's turmoil is worrying Kirsten Gillibrand.

She addressed a gathering of New York mayors on Sunday.

Two Binghamton business leaders say the business climate will suffer if several proposed budget measures are enacted.

There's talk of making Buffalo's brownfields green.

Jay Gallagher says consolidating local government – something Andrew Cuomo is pushing – saves less than some proponents believe.

Eric Massa's town hall meetings are a "hit" to the Elmira Star-Gazette.

Jim Tedisco hit some suburban hubs in his campaign.

And below, Scott Murphy and Paul Tonko sign a pledge for more accessible health care: Morning Read, Upstate: Budget Battling, The Merits of Consolidation