Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson’s Shakeup, Attacks Coming Against Murphy

David Paterson shakes up the composition of his top staff.

A source tells Fred Dicker it's Paterson's attempt to "save his skin."

High-speed rail is a highly coveted possibility among the state's political leaders.

Bridge tolls were proposed by Sheldon Silver.

Some more state senators are signing on to the W.F.P. income tax proposal.

Tom DiNapoli will audit the city of Albany for issuing no-fine parking tickets to people in the know.

State lawmakers gave more details on how they will spend stimulus money for infrastructure.

The competition is a "food fight."

On the federal level, Jim Walsh showed Dan Maffei where he fought for pork in the district.

The Times Union thinks there should be a statewide law banning texting while driving.

While New York wastes taxpayer money on rugs and hotel rooms, in Pennsylvania they spent nearly $20,000 on Bibles and other holy books.

The Buffalo News isn't quite sure how it happened, but says an Erie County surplus is good news.

A student government leader gets hired as an analyst by the State Senate.

The Assembly passed an environmental bill.

State Senator Darrel Aubertine was named head of the Rural Resources Commission.

A mayoral debate is held in Lake Placid.

The debate about selling wine in supermarkets rages.

Chuck Schumer is working to bring a hockey team to Glens Falls.

A P.A.C. is planning to air an attack ad against Scott Murphy.

And below, video of Sheldon Silver at a rehab clinic pushing for Rockefeller Drug Law reform:

Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson’s Shakeup, Attacks Coming Against Murphy