Morning Read, Upstate: Stimulus Money Coming, Video Slots for Belmont

A new poll on David Paterson will be released this morning.

Michelle Paige Paterson's aide got a $25,000 raise, too.

Barack Obama said stimulus money for Medicaid – New York will get over $2 billion tomorrow – should be used "to go directly toward helping struggling Americans keep their health coverage."

Not every infrastructure project on the wish lists will get funded.

Chuck Schumer touted the enhanced education tax credits in an appearance at the University of Albany.

Economic forecasters now put New York's deficit around $14 billion.

Legislative member items are being held, and local organizations are starving for funds.

Racing officials are recommending video slots and a hotel for Belmont Park.

The Orangetown supervisor is running for Rockland County executive.

The Commission on Judicial Misconduct is recommending the removal of a Westchester judge.

Wayne Barrett writes about how this is related to the ascent of Jonathan Lippman.

Al Sharpton visited Syracuse.

The Village of Waddington is thinking about dissolving itself.

Jack Davis is trying to come back to the G.O.P.

Environmentalists are calling for less road salt use.

Paterson officially called a special election for the 20th Congressional District for March 31.

Scott Murphy is being attacked over something he wrote in college.

Jim Tedisco is being attacked for taking campaign contributors from a fallen mortgage tycoon.

The state's power grid overseer says no big blackouts are expected through 2018 – but in the past they have sounded a much more dire tone.

And below, in honor of a hearing today on access to justice, here's a video of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver calling for strong reform of the state's Rockefeller Drug Laws:

Morning Read, Upstate: Stimulus Money Coming, Video Slots for Belmont