Murphy Beats Tedisco to The Air

ALBANY—Democratic congressional candidate Scott Murphy is hitting the airwaves, with his first ad designed to give voters who don't know him a warm and fuzzy impression of who he is.

"Sunday Dinner" is set to start running tomorrow, and shows Murphy with his wife and three children, all of whom apparently still regularly gather for dinner with extended family members in Washington County. (You'll also notice that Murphy is unpacking groceries from a reusable Price Chopper shopping bag in one segment.)

The campaign uses the family shots to transition to another point: the loss of jobs that is prompting people to leave upstate New York. As shots of toddling Murphys roll, the candidate explains, "I'm running for Congress because I want all of these kids to be able to stay upstate when they grow up."

The ad was produced by Murphy Putnam media, a Washington-based firm that has done advertising nationwide, including spots depicting New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as a cowboy.

No spot yet from Jim Tedisco's campaign—he has a much higher profile in the district—but spokesman Josh Fitzpatrick says they plan to produce ads.

Murphy Beats Tedisco to The Air