Nadler’s $3 B. for Transit Cut From Final Stimulus Bill

It turns out the stimulus package will not, in fact, have an extra $3 billion for transit courtesy of U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler.

The West Side Democrat won a big victory late last month when his $3 billion amendment to the House version of the stimulus bill was approved. Days later, the concept seemed to gain momentum as Chuck Schumer held a press conference pledging a push for a similar amendment in the Senate.

But the Senate never approved that amendment, as it focused efforts on cutting, not adding. And in the deal brokered between Senate and House leaders Wednesday on a final bill, the additional transit money didn’t make the cut.

The total amount for transit is $8.4 billion divided between a few different programs, according to the AP. Based on earlier estimates by officials, the M.T.A. would likely get between $1 and $2 billion. The M.T.A. has said it would commit $500 million of that to the Fulton Street Transit Center downtown, where officials have said much of the construction could not start until 2010. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has taken credit for the allocation. Nadler’s $3 B. for Transit Cut From Final Stimulus Bill