Nevermind: Carpinello Will Not Be Power Authority I.G.

ALBANY—Anthony Carpinello, a former state supreme court judge, will not become the inspector general for the New York Power Authority, although he was recently appointed to the post.

In response to my inquiry about the matter, spokeswoman Christine Pritchard provided this statement from the Power Authority's board of trustees:

Judge Anthony Carpinello earlier this week requested the NYPA Board of Trustees to no longer consider him for appointment to the Authority staff. The Authority has been engaged in a review of the scope and practices of its current Office of Inspector General. A potential reorganization plan could include a redefined position that would not provide the same professional opportunities that were originally discussed when Judge Carpinello was conditionally appointed in December, 2008.

Carpinello was named to the post in December, a month after he lost his re-election bid to Rensselaer County Judge Patrick McGrath. Carpinello would have replaced Daniel Wiese, of Troopergate fame, in the $187,000 a year job. (The salary is about $47,000 more than he was making.) Nevermind: Carpinello Will Not Be Power Authority I.G.