New Lonegan radio ad burnishes his conservative cred

Gulping at the last bit of oxygen left in the political news cycle after former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie formally entered the governor’s race and remained mostly coy about his positions on economic and social issues, Steve Lonegan’s campaign today released a new radio ad positioning their candidate as the true conservative champion in the contest.

“Only Lonegan” exalts the former Bogota mayor’s record as a tax cutter who kept taxes below the rate of inflation, and led back-to-back charges against former Gov. Jim McGreevey’s gas tax hike and Gov. Jon Corzine’s toll monetization plan.

The ad hypes the gubernatorial candidate’s ability to win in would-be enemy territory while carefully branding the opposing party with Limbaugh lingo in the theater of a GOP primary, preferring “Democrat” to “Democratic,” as in, “A Republican leader elected and then reelected twice in a 2-1 Democrat town, while keeping GOP Council control for 11 straight elections,” in the words of the voice over.

Lonegan’s ad presence last week underscored his pro-life values as foreshadowed contrast to Christie, who today handled a “social issues” question by referring to his past record, and by side-stepping the chance to dive into an impassioned explication of his views – a debate the unabashedly pro-life Lonegan is eager to have.

This week, Lonegan’s campaign capped his ad with a reminder that he’s “a business owner committed to getting government off our backs and bringing jobs back to our state.”

New Lonegan radio ad burnishes his conservative cred