No Voting Machines for Election on Staten Island

Only paper ballots will be used to take votes in tomorrow's special election on Staten Island, according to a spokeswoman for the city's Board of Elections.

Identifying the full field of candidates in that race has been complicated because of prolonged legal disputes launched by one candidates, Ken Mitchell, against a number of his rivals. One of those rivals, John Tabacco, an Independence Party member, was removed from the ballot earlier, but reinstated earlier today.

"There was not enough time," said spokeswoman Valerie Vasquez, to print up new ballots and insert them into the machines. She said said voting machines will be used in the other two special elections taking place, one in the Jackson Heights and one in the Howard Beach sections of Queens.

The city's Board of Elections has come under fire for their handling of earlier elections, and at one point was called "a joke" by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. No Voting Machines for Election on Staten Island