Partitioning New York, Tedisco’s ‘Road to Recovery’

An upstate blogger has plans for a three-state partition of New York. [Upstateless via Buffalo Pundit]

Jim Tedisco's campaign for Congress is themed "Road to Recovery." [AW]

Christine Quinn, David Yassky, James Gennaro, and John Liu collectively announce tighter restrictions on idling vehicles. [Sustainyc]

The Brooklyn Paper editorial board suggests that Atlantic  Yards be completed with federal funds. [BP]

Andrew Cuomo is suing an upstate sewage treatment plant on behalf of the neighbors who can't take the smell. [AP]

So much more than you ever wanted to know about Eliot Spitzer's sex life. [Gothamist]

Michael Steele demanded the resignation of nearly everyone at the R.N.C. [BS] Partitioning New York, Tedisco’s ‘Road to Recovery’