Paterson: ‘Distinguished Citizens’ Calling For O’Byrne

The second coming of Charles is gaining more and more steam.

Asked by reporters just now at a health clinic on the Upper West Side, Paterson said he reached out to O'Byrne yesterday, but they haven't connected.

"We tried to reach each other after the Post editorial," Paterson said. "A lot of very distinguished citizens have reached out to me, saying that they think it would be a great idea, but I would have to reach out and try to talk to him."

Given the time difference in Israel (which didn't seem to stop The Times from getting a "no comment" from O'Byrne), Paterson said he hopes to get in touch "as soon as I can."

On the subject of New York Post's handling of a cartoon suggesting that a monkey had written the federal stimulus bill, Paterson said that racial overtones in the imagery – which prompted protest by elected officials outside the tabloid's midtown offices yesterday – "seemed rather obvious to a lot of people." 

"The Post has said that was not their intention, and I guess when they do things like that in the future they're saying they'll be more careful," he said. Paterson: ‘Distinguished Citizens’ Calling For O’Byrne