Peaches Geldof Bows Down to Arden Wohl, The Master of Headbands

At Anna Sui’s show last night, the British socialite and Nylon contributor Peaches Geldof was sitting in the front row with a fragile-looking Williamsburg boy in skinny black jeans and grungy hair. (This was not, however, the skinny Williamsburg boy, 24-year-old Harvard grad Max Drummey, guitarist of the band Chester French, whom she married last year and recently separated from.)

Ms. Geldof, wearing a black baby doll dress ("It’s vintage—I don’t buy designer,"), said the atmosphere at the New York shows so far has been a lot more hectic than London’s fashion week.

"Everyone is so over the top in New York. In London, it’s not as, like, rushed and intense. And the traffic is terrible, but it’s fun!" she said. "Everyone here takes fashion more seriously than in London. But I prefer New York, it feels more like Fashion Week than London."

Here Ms. Geldolf was interrupted by one of the show’s employees, telling her that her friend could not sit next to her in the front because they needed the seat for someone else. Ms. Geldof responded by moving her guest into her seat and plopping down on his lap.

The Daily Transom noticed that Ms. Geldof wasn’t wearing one of those gypsy headbands that she was so fond of last year. How come?

"I know, right?!" she replied.

"Arden Wohl happened," she said. "She’s the master of headbands and I bow down to her."

Speaking of tired downtown fashion trends, how is Ms. Geldof enjoying life in Williamsburg these days?

"It’s a little bit hipster on Bedford Avenue," she said in a condemning tone of voice.

Perhaps her separation will make her relocate to Manhattan?

Ms. Geldof uncomfortably rolled her eyes, but then said, "Maybe, or I might move back to London, who knows."

Peaches Geldof Bows Down to Arden Wohl, The Master of Headbands