Peterson: Lincoln and Reagan

CLINTON – Reveling in his rep as a “tight-fisted” politician, Hunterdon County Freeholder Erik Peterson stands onstage now, having accepted the nomination of Hampton Mayor Rob Walton.

“What would Abraham Lincoln think today to witness the condition of our state and our nation?” Peterson asks the crowd. “We have witnessed ever expanding state spending, and borrowing. Ladies and gentlemen, this must end!”

As freeholder, he opposed a clubhouse at the golf course on principle, and backed a proposal to increase services for veterans of the armed forces.

“As the last great president to fully embody the principles of our party, Ronald Reagan reminded us (there are simple solutions to problems),” Peterson proclaims.

With that in mind, he wants more business friendly tax cuts. He wants to cut COAH.

“This state and this nation, under God, can have a new birth of freedom,” Peterson declares. Peterson: Lincoln and Reagan