Poll: Paterson at a New Low

ALBANY—Only 40 percent of voters approve of the job David Paterson is doing, a new poll released today finds, and it shows a remarkable slide downward over a chaotic two-month period in which Paterson's administration has come to be viewed as rudderless.

A Siena Poll of 622 voters found that, in addition to the low approval, Paterson is viewed unfavorably by 47 percent of voters surveyed. This is the lowest poll rating since he became governor just under a year ago.

"David Paterson has reached a low water mark with voters since becoming Governor," said Steven Greenberg, the Siena Poll spokesman. "Between the Senate appointment process, which is still the focus of negative reports one month later, and the attacks being waged across the media by those opposed to his budget proposals, the governor is tumbling in the polls from record highs three months ago to new record lows."

Last week, a Quinnipiac poll found that Paterson would lose by about a two-to-one margin in a primary match-up against Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. He now trails Cuomo in a hypothetical primary by 53 to 27 percent. The Siena Poll found that Paterson would also lose a general-election match-up against Rudy Giuliani.

Paterson's approval rating was last measured by Siena in late January; at that time 54 percent of voters surveyed approved of the governor, while 29 percent said he was doing a poor job.

And fully 53 percent of voters—the highest ever recorded by Siena—think the state is on the "wrong track." Poll: Paterson at a New Low