Post-Carrion: A Family Fight for Bronx Borough President

Adolfo Carrion is finally going to Washington.

Carrion was a candidate for city comptroller, but had long since stopped campaigning for the job, and despite publicly saying he was still in that game, wasn’t considered a player in that race once talk of the Washington job became credible.

The real question is who replaces him in the Bronx Borough President’s office.

Once he leaves, officially, the mayor has 45 days to call a special election.

The expected candidates are Assemblyman Ruben Diaz. Jr., who supported the new Democratic County Leader in a coup last year, and City Councilman Joel Rivera, whose father was ousted in that coup. (Other names talked about include City Council woman Helen Diane Foster.)

One variable will be whether Rivera can tap into the $207,451 he raised for that race, but then “froze” when it became unclear that Carrion would vacate the seat.

The decision on whether to unfreeze Rivera’s money will be made by the city Campaign Finance Board, which said earlier that it “would welcome a concrete request for guidance on the matter.”

The race is the first major test for the newly minted Democratic County Leader, Carl Heastie (who made his debut on New York 1’s Road to City Hall last night). His preferred candidate is thought to be Diaz, an early supporter in the effort to get a new Democratic leader in that borough.

A loss in this special election by Rivera doesn’t mean the family is entirely out of the picture. Rivera wouldn’t give up his Council seat to run in a special election, and after that race, he would still have enough time to run for re-election to the Council. Post-Carrion: A Family Fight for Bronx Borough President