Reversal of Fortune: Vanity Fair Employees Brown Bag It

By now, Condé Nast’s belt-tightening is well known, but with the recent shuttering of Domino and widespread concern of a so-called "Domino effect" at the magazine company, just how bad are things over at 4 Times Square?

Pretty bad, apparently. According to a shocking report on Vanity Fair‘s Web site by Jessica Flint and Elizabeth Hurlbut, Vanity Fair employees are being forced to brown bag it.

Coming only a week after it was revealed that the magazine reused its July 2007 cover of Barack Obama, it seems like life at the magazine is growing bleaker by the week. Take a moment the think about this fact: The staff of the world’s glossiest magazine is bringing lunch to work.

Then again, it might not be so bad over there: The bags used to transport the lunches—everything from "Last night’s home-cooked meal" to (gasp!) "Bread and a can of tuna"—are from Louis Vuitton, Missoni, and Prada. One staffer is even wiping crumbs away from his or her face with a napkin from the St. Regis.

But the real question is: Did they have to lug these bags themselves (tuna cans are heavy!) or could they have them Fed-Exed to their desks?

Reversal of Fortune: Vanity Fair Employees Brown Bag It