Schumer Praises Morgy

Chuck Schumer just sent out a statement confirming that District Attorney Robert Morgenthau will not seek reelection.

"Every so often a giant in their field comes along and in the world of criminal justice," says Schumer. "Robert Morgenthau was just that man.

"As both a federal prosecutor and district attorney, his integrity and excellence is shown not just in his longevity and dedication, but in the results he delivered generations of New Yorkers. From safer streets to more efficient and fairly applied justice in the most complicated city in the world, to a cadre of acolytes who will carry on his work, Bob Morgenthau is pure class. To say that we will miss him does not scratch the surface of the void he will leave."

Or, as the Observer once put it, the D.A. is an A.K. 

Morgenthau, who turns 90 in August and has held the job since 1974, is a Manhattan institution, and one of the last New York officials to speak in the grizzled New York accent now only seen on Turner Classics. His last race, in 2005, got nasty at points and had hints of ageism, but in the end, he coasted.

Schumer Praises Morgy