Siegel: ‘We’ll Go Forward’

Civil rights attorney and repeat-candidate for public advocate Norman Siegel had this reaction this morning to Mark Green’s announcement:

“I wish mark the best of luck, but it doesn’t change my plan.”

In a brief phone interview, he said, “I’m a civil rights lawyer, been an advocate for four decades. I’m a natural fit for this position,” he said.

When asked where he and Green differ on policy, Siegel said, “I’d have to figure out where Mark is on every single issue, but that kind of question – I’d have to go through A through Z.”

Siegel recalled getting a phone call from Green weeks ago when Green was “seriously considering” getting into the race. On that phone call, Seigel said he told Green many “people have dreams” and “good luck.”

“What I’ve learned is you can’t control who the field is,” Siegel said. “We’ll go forward.” Siegel: ‘We’ll Go Forward’