Sorantino confirms that he will resign tomorrow

Citing business troubles that have left him with little time to devote to his party, Doug Sorantino confirmed that he will resign from his post as Cumberland County Republican Chairman tomorrow.

Sorantino, a former freeholder who has been chairman for one year, said that income from his construction supply and trucking company took a nosedive last year, and that his own economic troubles are distracting him from being able to lead the party.

“This is an important year for Republicans. We haven’t had an opportunity like this in quite a few years, and given the financial situation, my business is in the construction supply industry, I can’t give the organization the attention it needs to be victorious this year,” said Sorantino in a phone interview with PolitickerNJ. “My priority would be in the wrong place if I didn’t focus on my business… and I didn’t want to shortchange the organization.”

Although he admitted that his party took it on the chin in last year’s election, he said it was not the reason for his resignation.

“Did we get a whooping? Yes, we did, but from the Obama campaign and the momentum he brought in,” he said, noting that the county Republican candidates lost by relatively narrow margins despite Obama’s lopsided victory. “We lost two constitutional officers that are by far the best we’ve ever had in those positions.”

Sorantino said that he supports Bob Greco, who managed the county Republican campaigns last year, to succeed him.

“I personally would like to see Bob Greco take the reigns. He’s got a lot of energy, is very dedicated and has good leadership skills. I know he’ll give it 110%,” he said. Sorantino confirms that he will resign tomorrow