Stella Artois, Official Beverage of Magazine Closings

"On Friday, Domino’s offices were nearly all packed up. ‘We did our serious drinking and packing all day Thursday,’ Ms. Needleman said. You could hear the sharp crackle of packing tape in the halls and the pop of bubbles in the wrapping; Chase Booth, the renovation editor, was handing around bottles of Stella Artois to the remaining staffers."— A Girl World Closes, and Fans Mourn, by Penelope Green, The New York Times, February 5, 2009.

"As of 3 P.M. all Radar staffers were expected to leave from their East 45th Street office.

"According to a source, editorial staffers have spent the last 90 minutes or so boxing up their belongings, laughing and drinking from bottles of Stella Artois."— Radar Staff Drinking Bottles of Stella As They Pack; Gathering at East Village Bar, by John Koblin, The New York Observer, October 24, 2008. Stella Artois, Official Beverage of Magazine Closings