Sunday, February 22

Obama-inspired theater— which followed a rich period of Hillary Clinton–inspired theater—gives way to Ted Haggard: The Musical, oops, This Beautiful City, opening at the Vineyard Theatre. The show probes the psyches of some evangelical Christians in Colorado Springs, Colo., site of the mega-church the aforementioned Mr. Haggard helmed before he was outed as a gay meth-head! “It was pretty insane,” said Jim Lewis, co-writer of the play, who happened to be in Colorado Springs interviewing people when Mr. Haggard was exposed. (Thus providing a dramatic insta-plot!) “We’d be sitting at a coffee shop and people would hear us talking about it and they’d want to come up and talk about it. There was one line that’s no longer in the play, ‘Do you know where you were when Kennedy died?’ And you could probably go in and say, ‘Where were you when you heard about Ted’s news?’ And probably 75 percent could have told you. I think the equivalent out here would’ve been the whole governor scandal. … You know how big an event that was.” (Yes, we were at work, fielding IM queries from our mother about how long we plan to stay in this amoral metropolis. Anyway …) “Going there is to a certain extent like going to another nation,” continued Mr. Lewis, about Colorado Springs. “It’s like a travelogue; it’s like you’re traveling to another land. Especially for New Yorkers. We don’t have a good picture of what goes on between this coast and the other coast.” (But if we had to guess, we’d say high-quality drugs and a lot of gay sex!)

[This Beautiful City at the Vineyard Theatre, 108 East 15th Street, 3 p.m., 212-353-0303] Sunday, February 22